San Francisco Bay Region

Odyssey of the Mind

2018/2019 Program Year
December 10, 2018

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San Francisco Bay Region invites all teams to participate in the 2019 Regional Spontania Mania. 


This is a chance for teams in all divisions to practice a variety of spontaneous problems.

When: Saturday, January 26, 2019

Where: Willow Creek Center, 1026 Mohr Lane, Concord 

Registration is first come - first served.
Cost is $10 per team to cover cost of building rental.  

*Primary Division will have one session from 9:30-11:00 am.  Primary teams must provide a volunteer to run a "station".  The volunteer must arrive by 9:15. All problems and materials for Primary teams only will be provided.

*Divisions I, II and III will choose from four sessions: 9-11 am, 12-2 pm, 3-5 pm or 6-8 pm. 

When you register, you MUST indicate the session you plan to attend AND a brief description of the problem your station will do and the space it needs (ie: table/chairs, 6’ x 6’ floor space, need a wall, etc).  This assures that I will assign you to a station with adequate space.  REGISTRATION CANNOT BE COMPLETED WITHOUT THESE DETAILS, EVEN IF YOU GET AN AUTOMATIC REPLY!

To register, use this link.  



We would like you to focus on bringing a problem that includes elements that build the skills below:

1. Teamwork—part of the judging for Spont is how well the team works together

2. Managing Time—Many of the problems have time limits for thinking, testing and building

3.  Dividing and conquering—valuable skill for hands-on problems if the team would like to try multiple ways to achieve the goal or if the problem requires two elements

4. Understanding the scoring—It is important to understand the scoring of the problem so the team can emphasize the appropriate elements of the problem


Spontania Mania happens like this:

Coach (or an adult from the team) chooses a spontaneous problem, often from one of the practice books, but it can be made up.  Bring all material to do the problem times 11.  So if the problem needs 5 paperclips and 5 toothpicks and 3 mailing labels, bring 55 paperclips, 55 toothpicks and 33 mailing labels.  Some items may be re-usable. 

Each coach will set up a "station" with their materials.  The coach will stay at this station.  Every 10-11 minutes, the teams will rotate from one station to another and the coach will do the same spontaneous problem each new team.  Coach may need to modify the problem depending on age of team.

Coach may score but there will be no running score for overall winners or even “winner” of each problem.
When teams rotate, the station/coach gets a different team and does the same spontaneous problem with the new team. 

There is time for about 10 rotations, so the coach will be doing the same spontaneous problem with 10 different teams.  Your team will get to do 10 different spontaneous problems given by other coaches. 

You may do your problem with your own team at the end of the session.



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2018/2019 Calendar of Events

Saturday, January 26th, 2019 - Willow Creek Center, 1026 Mohr Lane, Concord

SF Bay Regional Tournament
Saturday March 2nd, 2019 - Concord High School, 4200 Concord Blvd, Concord

NorCal State Tournament
Saturday March 30, 2019 - Maria Carrillo High School, 6975 Montecito Blvd, Santa Rosa

Odyssey of the Mind World Tournament 2019
May 22-25, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
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