San Francisco Bay Region

Odyssey of the Mind

2018/2019 Program Year

Updated October 8, 2018


San Francisco Bay Regional TShirt Logo Contest!!!

In honor of our first year in the NorCal Association, we are hosting a tshirt logo contest!

The winning submission will be featured on the official 2019 San Francisco Bay regional t-shirts. We invite all interested team members to submit a design.

Shirts will be purchased and worn by students and coaches at our regional tournament in March. You may even see your design worn by a team at the all new NorCal State Tournament or World Finals! AND, the winning design will earn free t-shirts for their entire team, including one coach listed on the regional registration form.

They’ll also get credit on the shirt itself and associated bragging rights. So teams, set your creativity loose!


Your problem is to design a logo for the San Francisco Bay Region.


The following limitations apply to all submissions.   

  1. Only team members may submit designs. 
  2. This does not have to be a collaborative effort — the design may be produced by one or more members of a team. 
  3. Designs may be produced on a computer or by hand and then scanned.
  4. Designs do NOT have to be production ready. We will process the winning submission into a high quality graphic. 
  5. The design is limited to two ink colors.
  6. This year’s design theme is Ignite Spontaneity 
  7. Text should be kept to a minimum, as the image is most important. However, each design MUST include the following:

{C}·         {C}    The phrase “SF Bay (or San Francisco Bay)”

{C}·         {C}    The year “2019“

Designs are due December 1st, 2018.  EXTENDED to December 10th!

To submit an entry, email a clear, scanned image or graphic design along with a 2-3 sentence statement in the artist’s own words explaining the logo to

Please send images as a PDF file if possible so they are not altered in transmission.

The winner will be announced by December 15th on our regional website.